Monday, June 3, 2013

Rocky Mountain National Park

Campsite #120 nestled in the Aspen at Moraine Park Campground

 This was my first visit to Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) since the epic Colorado fire season last year.  I had heard that fires burned near the Moraine Park Campground where I was staying.  Fortunately, the campground was spared, but I didn't have to venture far to see some of the burn scars left by wildfires last year.  The destruction left by the fire makes me appreciate the beauty that remains all the more.

Charred tree trunks fallen across boulders are all that remain in many areas.
This foot bridge was another casualty of the fires.

Still, the majority of the Park was untouched by the wild fires as seen in this view from the Moraine Park visitor center.

Moraine Park sits in the ever present shadow of Long's Peak.

Some of the best campsites, in my opinion, are situated on the south side of the campground with views of Long's Peak.

Deer and elk are common visitors to the campground.

Snow still lines many of the higher elevation trails in May and early June.
Alberta Falls

Spring snow melt

Baby pine cones

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