Sunday, April 28, 2013

Camping on the Desert Plateau at Lake Pueblo State Park

Arkansas Point Campground on the South Shore
I couldn't resist the first siren song of summer, with an appealing forecast of bright skies and warm weekend temperatures.  So, I packed up the camper and headed to Lake Pueblo State Park (LPSP) in south-central Colorado, one of my favorite camping and mountain biking destinations.

LPSP has a high desert climate with year round mild temperatures and an inviting 46,000 acre reservoir open to boating, skiing, and fishing.  The 60 miles of shoreline, surrounded by cliffs and canyons, offer abundant terrain for mountain biking, hiking, and photography.  What it may lack in verdant foliage, it makes up for with bright blue skies, warm dry days, cool nights, and star gazing opportunities.

Sunset at the Campground
Plentiful cactus, thorny bushes, and rocky terrain make mountain biking a little more exciting.
Arkansas Point Campground on the South Shore.  Most sites are paved, level, have electric hookups and reservoir views.

Cycling around the many buttes and cliffs.

One of the many scenic inlets at LPSP, all in with in view of Pike's Peak in the background.
Skiing acrobatics on LPSP.

The Butte Trail is aptly named.

Can you spot the deer (I see 4).

Another pretty sunset.

The bike trails wind all over LPSP, through canyons, on dry stream beds, and next to cliff edges.

Hitched up and ready for home - it was a wonderful weekend and makes me look forward to a long camping season.

More Photos HERE.

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