Sunday, June 24, 2012

Airstreaming in Buena Vista, Colorado

Extreme heat along the Front Range of Colorado and forest fires to the north and south gave us extra motivation to hitch up the Airstream Bambi and escape to Buena Vista, Colorado, for a weekend adventure.   This small town in the shadow of the Collegiate Peaks offers a plethora of activities for the outdoor enthusiast, such as fishing, horseback riding, cycling, hiking, and river rafting, to name a few.  Unfortunately there were only so many hours in the day, and we had to pick and choose.  Hoping to head back again soon to try out other activities.

Beautiful Buena Vista, Colorado as seen from hiking trails east of town.
KOA Campground that gave our Airstream some amazing views of the Collegiate Peaks
We stayed at a nearby KOA campground, just a few minutes south of town.   This is a favorite location that I have camped at several times before.  Besides all of the typical KOA amenities (hot showers, store, full hookups, laundry, etc.) that you would expect, this particular KOA sits on a ridge and offers spectacular views of the Collegiate Peaks and a broad valley cut by the Arkansas River.  The sunsets are amazing. 

These 4 adjacent tunnels made for a fun drive
One of the trip highlights was a rafting trip down Brown's Canyon

Raft rescue -fortunately not one of ours and no one was injured.
Packed and Stacked and heading home.
One of the pools at Cottonwood Hot Springs
After an afternoon of hiking, we also enjoyed a relaxing soak in the Cottonwood Hot Springs, a geothermal mineral spa.  It is a great place to soak sore muscles and rest up for your next day's adventure.

More Photos Here.


  1. Looks wonderful! What a fun weekend - hiking, rafting and relaxing! We haven't had a break from the rain in Portland! I can enjoy summer through your photos :)


  2. Happy to trade you some sunshine for a little bit of your rain! Bad start to the wildfire season here.... Thanks for your comments!!