Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fruita, CO, Car Show

Grills Gone Wild
Last weekend's trip to the Colorado National Monument also afforded a side trip to nearby Fruita, Colorado, for a town festival and car show.  Beautiful automobile restorations were shown off in the town square, and I snapped a few photos of my favorites.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Colorado National Monument

Airstream Camping at Colorado National Monument
It is easy to overuse adjectives when describing the Colorado National Monument: Amazing, Dramatic, Beautiful, Stunning, Serene, Soulful, Sacred.  This unique place is a treat for the eyes and nourishment to the soul.  Red rock canyons transform in color as the sun journeys overhead casting shifting shadows and shapes on the canyon walls.   You can literally dangle your legs over the edge of a cliff while surveying a panorama filled with red spires and gigantic monoliths that almost glow in the sunset - all within a few minutes walk from the Saddlehorn Campground.

Hissing faucet - De-winterizing Lesson Learned

Flushing out the anti-freeze
My kitchen faucet would only hiss and sputter after I flushed, filled, and sanitized the water system after finally de-winterizing a few days ago.   It was puzzling because the bathroom water supply was working normally.  After over an hour or so of fiddling with it - bypassing the hot water tank, connecting city water and also  trying the internal tank and pump, I called it quits for the night.