Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Second Maiden Voyage with Bambi II

Campsite at Mary's Lake Campground

So for the first time out with the new camper we headed to familiar territory, Estes Park, Colorado.  It is a little over an hour's drive from home, through a scenic canyon, and at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park.    It was an ideal location to test out everything and make sure the plumbing worked, the lights functioned, the A/C ran okay, etc.  Happy to report there were no major problems.
  The door is a little hard to close and the trunk is difficult to lock, but otherwise everything checks out great.
Mary's Lake

View from front door.
A little too crowded for my taste.

We stayed at Mary's Lake Campground which is, no surprise, adjacent to Mary's Lake.  We reserved a site that appeared from the campground map to have a great view of the lake.  However, what wasn't clear until we arrived was that even though the campground is next to the lake, all the sites are on a hillside that slopes away from the lake, and there are no lake views.  It wasn't a huge disappointment though.  The area is still very beautiful with mountain views all around.

Calypso Falls
Turns out it was a pretty busy weekend and lots of people seem to be cramming in their camping before school starts up.   We arrived on Thursday to a fairly empty campground, but by Saturday, it looked more like a used car lot.    So, in order to really "get away from it all" we headed into the Park and hiked the Wild Basin area up to Calypso Falls.     We got an early start, beat the crowds, and enjoyed a beautiful hike along a cool summer stream.  It was a great 'first trip' in the new Bambi!