Friday, July 18, 2008

Mountaindale Campground - second visit

We enjoyed the Mountaindale Campground near Colorado Springs so much last time that we came back for a second visit in mid-July.

This trip was a comedy of minor mishaps and bad luck beginning with a rainy drive through thunderous downpours.
Once we arrived at camp, we found that our "reserved" site had been swapped with someone else, we got chased by a pack of dogs on a hike, a steer from a nearby ranch was loose and running through the campground one evening, and to top it all off, our favorite restaurant in the area, the Gooseberry Patch, was closed when we arrived late. It all made for an eventful weekend full of memories will could laugh about later, and, most importantly, we eventually made it back to the Gooseberry Patch for some delicious pie.